What's Inside?

Clean, Functional Ingredients

Fair-Trade Cold Brew Coffee

Pure Egg White Protein

Organic Lactose Free Milk

Monk Fruit Extract


Why Egg Whites?

The Purest Form of Protein

Egg whites provide the most natural form of complete and high quality protein. They contain all nine essential amino acids in the amounts your body needs to function at its best.

Unlike many protein drinks, we believe protein should not be treated as an ingredient, but as a whole food derived from an all natural source. 


Egg whites are a whole food ingredient with no added fluff, only the real stuff. The result? The highest quality source of protein there is, with a smooth, clean, fresh taste.

*our egg whites are pasteurized and safe to consume.

What is Monk Fruit?

0 Net Carbs, 0 Calorie,

0 Glycemic, Keto Friendly, 1:1 Sugar Replacement  

A natural superfood discovered by Buddhist monks over 1000 years ago that is prized for its sweetness.

Monk Fruit allows us to provide a healthy beverage, meanwhile satisfying our sweet tooth with it's natural sweetness. 


projo* is great for:

morning kickstart

A morning kick-start to your day with 200mg of natural caffeine + protein for long lasting energy without the crash.


Focus at work, school, or any task you are looking to get done.

pre/post workout

Pre/post-workout fuel to satisfy your fitness and nutritional needs.